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Christina has always had a passion for people. Which naturally led her to her 6-year career in hospitality and entertainment.

She started her career as a professional voiceover artist on PBS kids. Soon after, she traveled the Midwest as a working actor for productions for young audiences.

As time went on, Christina knew she had to start marketing herself in a way that would make her money to support her dreams. After months of connecting and auditioning - she became a top-tier event emcee and served as a go-to female personality in the Chicago entertainment sector.  

Christina is no stranger to understanding the importance of marketing herself; which led to her instinctive progression in making the companies she represented more visible to their ideal clients and buyers.

She prides herself on being an effective communicator, empathetic by nature, and a natural-born leader. This has led Christina to fast success in her past 2 years in business.

Christina has helped over 50 business owners find high-quality sales and social media talent, how to market their services, and reach their target audience organically.

Her insight on hiring key team members, current trends, outreach strategy, and team training and implementation has been invaluable to every team she's worked with. Christina is known to go above and beyond for every client.

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